all is well

“All is well” is a playful reflection on the Myth of Sisyphus as seen by Albert Camus. It is an experiment with marble maze as the timeline for a composed instrument. In this work, lines of pipes channel through a 3 dimensional space, connecting acoustically amplified nodes, and presenting a solidified composition timeline that immerses the audience.

Channels Through Space

A large portion of human activity involves accumulating and reshaping spaces; international trades close distances between production and consumption sites, fences and borders create disproportionate distances between their either sides, and bridges allow taking a shorter route to cross a river. In other words through manipulation of matter in the environment, it takes less time for humans to move matter from one point to the other. In a way, all vehicles are also efforts to close distances, and reshape the space. What about instruments? How does an instrument facilitate moving from one sound to another?

Time On a Line

One can have a linear as well as a cyclical understanding of time through perceiving change and constance; the linear aspect of time exposes itself as one follows change in a phenomenon through differentiating; and one perceives repetition by detecting what remains constant, and recognises the duration between the recurrences.

Sound is a temporal phenomenon, and our experience of it cannot be outside the notion of time; yet one can have a grasp of a musical event without having to experience it for its entire duration, for example when a musician can “read” the piece by looking at a musical score. How does our understanding of geometry aid such notion?

different times?

Time is considered a constant when structuring our day to day, or year to year matters; however the lived experience is different, since our perception of time changes under different circumstances. When listening to music we experience such variations. How can a geometric representation of sound shed light on the nuances in our perception of time?

all is well

Like a constant journey uphills
An eternal sequence
of rising and falling on loop
Defying the constant pull
of the grounds behind
Against the weight of things
that will role over you
on their way downhill,
should you let go half way.

Should you let go halfway,
or keep on pushing
until you reach
the top of
what kept you
pushing the whole way up?

where gravity surrenders
to the confined yet certain
horizontal line.
As you stand on it,
as the ground under your feet
stops slipping forward
things are set on their way back

You are aware
That this will be it forever.
And that is exactly what
makes it all well
as you gaze upon things
rolling down.

As long as you get to
rest and observe
the fate of things
all is well.

as long as you witness a story
that has a beginning, a middle and an end
unfolding its entirety
which is shorter that your life,
all is well

For a moment
you can forget
that endless loop

Testing material for a new piece: This time I am experimenting with the concept of timeline, and this is the very first line for time to pass.

Cardboard boxes can hold the line, but also amplify the sound of passing balls.

different materials, different behaviours

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احسنت به جمیع برندگان
حرف رئیس گوش کنندگان
چندی از شما ماندنی اند
باقی فراموش شوندگان

احسنت به فراموش کنندگان
رقیب خاموش کنندگان
هر کس در این مسابقه باخت
تکه گوشت برای درندگان

احسنت به جمیع درندگان
حرف به کرسی نشانندگان
دستآورد تل انبار کنید
دشمن خود خوارکنندگان

احسنت به برگزارکنندگان
اسلحه انبار کنندگان
پس ِمعرکه جای کلاه نیست
بلکه سر مجاب شوندگان

احسنت به مجاب کنندگان
حساب وکتاب کنندگان
گلیم هاتان بیرون کشید
سرها زیر آب کنندگان

تلقین تساوی و همدلی
ترفند فقیران و بزدلان
همین خود راز زندگی ست و بس
کننده ای و به گای روندگان

احسنت به جمیع کنندگان
مثبت اندیشان و سازندگان
همصحبت بدبینان نشوید
شما ارباب آنها بندگان

آفرین به شما دارندگان
گنده لاتان و تازندگان
هر چه اعتبار مال شما
و خدّام و یاران و بستگان

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گردباد کور

‫روزی، گم شد سر نخ‬
‫باعث و محصول زور‬
‫چشم به بشقاب طلا‬
‫گشنه، کتک خورده، دور‬

‫چنگ به آرام فراموشی مهر گیاه ‬
‫ترس برم داشت‬
‫از این ساعت فرسوده که خوابید و‬
‫سپردم به گور‬

‫قیمت هر سوت هنر‬
‫پنجاه سر عائله با طعم گچ و روغن و خون حلزون‬
‫میوه ی فرهنگ و فکر‬
‫مفت به سر بردن یک مشت فریبنده ی بی خاصیت و لندهور‬

‫جناب آقای گاو‬
‫داور محصول باش‬
‫این همه خاکستر اسکناس و اورنگ و ساز‬
‫سرخی فرش پیش پاییست که حاشا کند این پوچ و بخواند شعور‬

‫منصب یک ستاره خالی ست در این جشن شاد‬
‫فرصت خوبی ست که این بار شما را بشناسند به عنوان شناسای نور‬

‫کاسب و دلّال ذوق‬
‫گوش به موسیقی صندوق داشت‬
‫پایش ارقام، دماسنج بحث‬
‫منتظر مرز برای عبور‬

‫پشتِ سر آتش به پُل و مِه به پیش‬
‫باکرگی خرج گذرنامه شد‬
‫چند صباحی به مساعی گذشت‬
‫پیرهنی پاره شد‬
‫چاره ی این کندی ایّام ز معمار جست‬
‫گفت دو ‬سر‫ چون تو نیرزد به یکی طحفه هنرمند بور‬

‫بیشترت تاب و تبی گر نبود‬
‫سختی از این راه نیست‬
‫رو که میان تو و راه صواب‬
‫هست یکی تشنه، یکی آب شور…‬

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