Points of Contact

“Points of Contact” is a performance with two feedback loops; one inside a cage and one outside. In this work, the performer explores the boundaries formed by a cage around his head, and forms acoustic feedback loops by creating points of contact between physical objects that are equipped with transducers and contact microphones. This work is a continuation of an ongoing research about the ways in which one can observe vibration as it passes through a field of objects.


The setup for this performance includes a bird cage that hangs from a 2-meter height, while a performer sits under the cage with his head inside, a wearable microphone set attached to his body, and a controller in front of him. There are also spring sets in front of the cage, and the performer creates acoustic feedback loops between pairs of transducers and contact microphones by placing loose pieces of spring between them.

The performance lasts between 10 to 15 minutes.

equipment provided by the artist:

  • Laptop + sound card
  • stereo amplifier + transducers + contact microphones
  • spring sets and objects

equipment provided by the venue:

  • PA: stereo with sub woofer – connection: 2 x mono balanced 1/4″ TRS jack
  • lighting on the performer and the set
  • power: 5 x euro plugs
  • a stool or chair – 60~75 cm high
  • small table for laptop, sound card and a small amp