Vibroplasm revolves around the perception of vibration as it passes through physical objects. We perceive any single object or incident around us through vibration in one form or another. Such view was not widely shared before late 19th century, and ever since has had a considerable impact on the way people perceive themselves and their surrounding world.

Vibroplasm is a work in progress, and can be realized in different shapes and scales, depending on the context. It consists of a set of objects (found material, springs, mirrors, membranes etc.) that are mechanically interconnected and fitted with contact microphones and pickup coils as well as transducers. In Vibroplasm, objects cease to be perceived as separate entities, but instead become one field for vibration to pass through. Vibroplasm invites the audience to observe the dissipation of a vibratory phenomenon through magnification and translation, in discrete as well as continuous moments.
Vibroplasm 1.4 at Blikopener Summer Session #4 in Delft